Ramen burger with avocado, chilli mayo and soy sauce. Today I'll go to a burger, which does not belong to a burger.

Ramen burger with soy sauce, avocado and chili mayo #rezept #gourmetguerilla The burger itself had in the past Time so much to join in: Was the classic Beefbulette (in Burger jargon also called Patty) initially hesitantly replaced by a vegetarian versions, soon migrated all sorts of vegetables and even legumes mixed mixed on the bun. Grilled sweet potato? Clear. A whole brie with chutney? Of course. Fish? Anyway. Burger Inside-out? An old hat. In the meantime, all creativity locks are open. The burger has grown up and has sometimes even left its unhealthy fast food image behind.

But that was not the end of the flagpole, of course: The latest craze in terms of burgers comes - how can it could be different - from America. Keizo Shimamoto is the man who, for a change, did not accept the filling of the burger but the roll. Or more precisely: He has taken the bun and replaced it with Asian egg noodles. Ramen is the name of these noodles, which are pressed or heaped and mixed with egg to crispy buns are fried. Great idea, especially the people in the New York In-quarters and find some hours for their unique Ramen Burger copy.

Ramen noodles, avocado, soy sauce and chilli-mayo - me have tried all the things that do not really belong to a burger. Only the beef pattie was allowed to stay. (After all, you do not want to be totally unbearable in your home environment.)

RamenRamen burger with soy sauce, avocado and chili mayo ingredients #rezept #gourmetguerillaRamen burger with soy sauce, avocado and Chili-Mayo Ingredients #recipe #gourmetguerilla

So how is he, the burger? That the hip New Yorkers are completely off the mark, I did not suppose anyway. How well the somewhat idiosyncratic Ramen burger with its crispy noodles tasted the man and the child (and how much I like it) came as something of a surprise. Only one thing is important: When frying the ramen buns, you should only use very little oil - otherwise the matter will become very greasy very quickly, as with bad fried noodles. You should also foist the child no chili Mayo

predicate. Imitating

Ramen burger with soy sauce, avocado and chili mayo #rezept #gourmetguerillaRamen burger with soy sauce, avocado and chili mayo #rezept #gourmetguerilla

Here comes the recipe for 2 ramen burger with avocado, chilli mayo and soy sauce

2 squares Pour noodles with boiling water and let them steep for about 5 minutes. Drain into a sieve, quench with cold water and drain well. In a bowl, whisk 1 egg with salt and pepper and mix well with the pasta. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a pan, place four piles of pasta in the pan and press as flat as possible. Allow to roast until a brown crust has formed on the underside. Then turn and fry crisply from the other side.

Meanwhile, 400g of minced beef with salt , pepper and knead something soy sauce . Form 2 burger patties and fry in a second pan from both sides. 1 red onion peel and slice. 4 tablespoons mayonnaise with 1 chopped chili pepper , salt , pepper and 1 dash of lemon juice stir.

Serving: Place a ramen cookie on a plate, spread with 1 tbsp chilli mayonnaise, place the finished hack pattie and top with onions and avocado. Finally, sprinkle with the remaining chilli mayo and cover the second ramen cookie as a lid.

Soyfish #gourmetguerilla Ramen burger with soy sauce, avocado and chilli mayo #recipe #gourmetguerilla

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